Withered Golden Freddy is a dead soul in a Golden Freddy suit.

Appearance Edit

Withered Golden Freddy's appearance has not changed much. He does look more damaged than he did in the first game as he is missing one ear and has a few wires coming out of his eye socket. His head also appears to be tilting to the left instead of the right like he did so in FNaF 1.

Behavior Edit

Withered Golden Freddy has two movement patterns, one is appearing in the Office Hall and jumpscaring you if you stare at it too long. The second version of his first movement is to appear as a disembodied head in the hall like the first time but instead, you don't look at it too long and put the monitor up, and then you put it down and he appears in your Office. His second movement is just to appear in the Office and then he will disappear if not putting the monitor down, he will jumpscare you as a disembodied head. The only way to evade the hallway jumpscare is to flash the flashlight quickly down the hallway, like a camera flash, and if he is there, the player should not use the flashlight until he goes away. If he appears in the office, put down the mask. A tactic that the player should use is when the monitor is put down, the player should immediately put on the mask. On PC, the player must flick the mouse on the camera tab and very quickly flick it at the mask tab. This tactic can also help with any animatronics that appears in front of the player when they put down the monitor. The characters that are evaded with the tactic are Toy Freddy, Withered Freddy, Withered Chica, Withered Bonnie and Shadow Bonnie. This tactic can also be used on mobile. The player must position their thumbs or fingers over the buttons to quickly be able to switch between the monitor and mask.

Function Edit

Golden Freddy has only two functions, one is to be a rogue element meaning that in game terms he has no real reason of being there as he does not ever appear on the monitor, and two he helps balance out the custom night challenges.

Trivia Edit

  • Golden Freddy acts the same in this game as the first as he appears at random times.
  • When his head is in the hall, it appears to be bigger than it actually is. It's unclear why this is, although golden Freddy could just be a hallucination or ghost, meaning that he wouldn't need to obey the laws of physics, which could also explain the teleporting and fading away.
  • it is theorized that the rare endoskeleton easter egg( that can appear in the prize room and vents) belongs to Golden freddy, thus why golden Freddy looks empty

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