Withered Freddy Fazbear is a withered animatronic in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

File:7bniyki by fredbeartheanimatron-d8mxwno.png

Appearance Edit

Withered Freddy looks almost identical to his first game except now he has buttons on his belly, his three face freckles are gone, and he now has his trusty microphone in his hand all the time. Freddy now has holes all across his body that reveal a little of his endoskeleton, and in addition, he has wires sticking out from some of the holes.

Behaviour Edit

Freddy likes to move from the Parts/Service, to the Main Hall, then to the Office hall, and/or Party Room 3 then to your Office. He will become active on Night 3 at 4 A.M.

Function Edit

Freddy acts as the main main antagonist, as well as tickling the Withered animatronic set. He also helps make some rooms more important and also help balance out character numbers and custom night levels.

Strategy Edit

Freddy will always sleep from the main hall, so when it looks like he is about a few feet away from the door, when you pull the monitor up to wind up the music box, you will either put the monitor down or Freddy will force it down and he will attack. You will need to put the Freddy Fazbear head on to block him out. Failure to do it in time or at all will result in Freddy disappearing, only to slide into the player's view from the bottom right.

Trivia Edit

  • Withered Freddy now no longer tries to hide on the map like the first game.
  • There is a rare event that can happen when the player starts a night or dies, where one of three eyeless animatronics can appear: withered foxy withered Freddy or toy Bonnie. These screens do not have an effect on gameplay but can creep people out before they try to do something.

Gallery Edit

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