Withered Foxy Head

Withered Foxy is an animatronic and is a main antagonist in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

Behavior Edit

Foxy's behavior in the second game differs greatly from the first. He can be first seen in the Parts/Service room, before heading to the hallway outside The Office, and will attempt to attack the guard from and there on out. Foxy cannot be countered by the Freddy head, leaving the flashlight as the only source of refuge from Foxy's attack. To make him return to Parts/Service, you must flash the light at him a few times while he is outside The Office in the hallway. After this process, you must raise and lower the monitor and Foxy will no longer be in the hallway. You can get rid of him just by shining the light, but you'll use more time and power in the process. Phone Guy explains this as "stunning him" and he'll go back to the Parts/Service room to repeat the cycle. If Balloon Boy enters the office, you will not be able to use the flashlight to ward off Foxy, thus will be left vulnerable to Foxy's attacks.

Appearance Edit

Foxy the pirate still has his maroon color, and he still wears his eye patch and hook. But this time, he now has all his feet and now about 75% of his leg endoskeleton showing. He also has about 45% of his arms showing, in addition to part of his face now showing his endoskeleton. Lastly, he also has his diaphagram and a little of his ribs endoskeleton showing.

Function Edit

Foxy's function in the second game is to make you shine the light on him or to pay attention to him.


  • Flashing Foxy 5+ times with the flashlight will usually drive him off. On later nights, such as night 5 or 6, flash him as many times as possible to be safe
  • Foxy can appear on custom nights even with his AI set to 0. This is because his AI is bugged. Foxy is not tricked by the Freddy head trick as the others are Bonnie and toy Chica and toy and Freddy and toy. Mangle foxy and marrionette are not tricked by the Freddy head trick

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