Withered Chica Head

Withered Chica is one of the animatronics and one of the main antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

Role Edit

Like all the other withered animatronics, she spends her time in the Parts/Service room. She is the withered version of Chica and, like Bonnie, becomes active on Night 3.

Appearance Edit

Chica's appearance is still a yellow chicken, she has orange feet but now lacks her hands and instead has many wires sticking out of her arms where her hands should be. Her bib now has stains on it but still reads "Lets' Eat!!!". She still has three feathers on her head. She still has her orange beak but now her mouth is forever stuck open as it now has wires where it should plug in at. She now has three sets of teeth: her regular teeth, her endoskeleton teeth, and her inner endoskeleton teeth. She also has wires coming out of various places on her body.

Function Edit

Her role in this is so much bigger as she now is not here just for balancing characters and helping with custom night. But now is here to help make the game and nights progressively harder. In addition, Chica is also there to help make more locations in game accessible by animatronics.

Gallery Edit

Five Nights at Freddy's 2Edit


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