Withered Bonnie Head

Appearance Edit

Unlike his original counterpart, Withered Bonnie has gone through a major change in the second game.He lost his face!

Bonnie now has two black buttons added to his chest. His face has almost been ripped out completely, revealing the endoskeleton head inside. However, his lower jaw remains, featuring more teeth than the previous game. He also has two red glowing pin-prick irises.

Bonnie's left arm has been torn out completely, revealing a bundle of wires in its place. His costume has become tattered, particularly around the legs, revealing parts of his endoskeleton, with a few wires poking out. The fabric on his right hand and left foot have completely come off, revealing the endoskeleton underneath. His costume appears to be a dark shade of blue, as opposed to a brownish color.


Bonnie will become active on night 3 and extremely active on night 4. He also appears on nights 5 and 6.

Locations Edit

In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Bonnie starts in the Parts/Service and then go into the Main Hall, Party Room 1, Left Air Vent and then the Office. Bonnie could also appear in the hall in front of you When not on cameras.

Strategy Edit

Bonnie is easy to handle if you see it on the camera in the Left Air Vent but on later nights you will have to put the mask on every time you put the monitor down.

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2Edit


  • On mobile, Withered Bonnie, Withered Chica, and Withered Freddy take longer to leave the office
  • Although hard to see on cameras, Withered Bonnie no longer has any endoskeleton on his foot, much like Foxy from the first game.
  • Withered Bonnie is now also lacking his left arm and almost his entire face.
  • The Freddy’s Files claims that Bonnie can enter the office through the hallway.
  • Withered Bonnie now has bright red eyes unlike everyone else with regular eyes or with entirely black with white pupils.
  • Withered Bonnie’s mugshot from the Custom Night is very similar to how he looks in the hallway.
  • Withered Bonnie will become extremely active from night 3 onward.


  • In Withered Bonnie’s mugshot from the Custom Night, his bowtie clips through his jaw. This also happens when he’s in the hallway.