Mangle Head
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The Right Air Vent is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. New and sometimes old animatronics will use this vent to get into the Office. The Vent also has a light to see Toy Bonnie and Mangle but this wont work on Withered Chica.


The appearance of the vent is just like a regular vent with a shining light if you decide to see who is in the vent as without shining the light you will not be able to see whoever is in the vent.

Animatronics who go here

Mangle can be seen in the vent with her head and one hand holding onto the vent, she has one regular eye and one black with a white pupil eye. Toy Bonnie can appear here trying to crawl his way through the vent as his hand is raising up to get out of the vent. Withered Chica can appear one arm reaching out and her face can be seen clearly now in the vent.