Pirate Cove is one of the rooms in Five Nights at Freddy's. Foxy is typically in this room, and Foxy will occasionally peek out of the curtains to check for the player, and if not, Foxy will run down the hall and attack the player.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Pirate Cove is seen in the Minigame Foxy GO GO GO, where Foxy entertains a group of five children twice, but the third time they are found dead.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Pirate Cove is seen in the Night 4 Minigame, from where Foxy is lured out by Shadow Freddy

Sister Location

In the non canon Custom Night, Funtime Foxy starts there.

Ultimate Custom Night

Pirate Cove returns in Ultimate Custom Night, where it's CAM 05. Like in the original Five Nights at Freddy's, Foxy resides here, but now Bonnie also inhabits Pirate Cove, and to tell which animatronic is peeking out of the curtains, the player has a figurine on their desk that switches between Bonnie and Foxy. If the figurine is Bonnie, then the player must avoid checking Pirate Cove, or else Bonnie will temporarily disable the camera system. If the figurine is Foxy, then the player must check Pirate Cove, or else Foxy will leave and reach the office, where he will proceed to take himself apart and put his pieces inside the office. Once all of his pieces are in the office, he will eventually reassemble himself and jumpscare the player. Alternatively, if the player gets the death coin, they can use it to eliminate both Bonnie and Foxy, and thus removing the need to check Pirate Cove, or they simply avoid checking it if Bonnie is activated but Foxy isn't.


  • Foxy is common on Nights 2 through 6 and rarely found on Night 1.
  • If the player checks the camera in less than 3 Seconds, Foxy will not move that much.
  • If you see the Pirate Cove empty, or Foxy running on the hall, immediately shut the left door.
  • Sometimes, the text on the sign can change to “IT’S ME”. This can also happen with the posters in the East Hall.