Phantom Mangle is a phantom animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Phantom Mangle can be seen hanging in CAM 04 and can also be seen looking a the player through the office window.

When Phantom Mangle is near, a sound similar to the sound Mangle makes in the second game can be heard, but the sound is louder than normal and resembles a loud and damaged radio or the TV Popcorn effect. This sound disables the players audio systems and ventilation systems.

Appearance Edit

Phantom Mangle's appearance is very similar to that from the second game as it is just a contested mangled mess of parts. Phantom Mangle also seems to be in a burnt state, and Phantom Mangle seems to have wires all across its body here and there. Also, if you get a very close view of Phantom Mangle you can see it still carries the nail polish on its hands and feet. Lastly, its wires also seem to dangle upwards instead of downwards this may just be an error by Scott or just that it does not have to follow the laws of physics as it is not real. Also it has white pin pricked irises.

Movement Pattern Edit

Phantom Mangle first appears on camera 04, and will then come to your office if you don't change the montior. Phantom mangle appears more frequently throughout the week.

Effects of Phantom Mangle Edit

Upon seeing Phantom Mangle on Cam 04 and not switching to a new camera before putting your monitor down it will start a garbled noise again just like from the second game but louder. The noise will not only attract animatronics to your office and make them more aggressive but will also give you an audio error you will have to deal with.

Garbled Message Edit

Once again just like from the second game many speculate the garbled noise to be a secret message hidden within the sound. Many speculate this message to be "It's Me!". Some propose that it means Mangle giving the animatronics the position of the night guard and why they are so attracted to this noise, but many contest this idea.

Trivia Edit

  • Phantom Mangle bares a strong resemblance to Mangle from the second game.
  • Phantom Mangle's wires seem to float upward instead of down ward.
  • Phantom Mangle will cause an audio and rarely ventilation error.
  • Phantom Mangle is the only Phantom animatronics to be a disembodied head as Phantom Puppet has no evidence shown to show he is a disembodied head.
  • Phantom Mangle has the same technique from the second game but a different noise from the second game.