Phantom Freddy

Phantom Freddy is a phantom animatronic and one of the antagonists in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 3.


Phantom Freddy's appearance is very similar to that from the second game except for the fact he is now burned and this may foreshadow the burning of the establishment. Also Phantom Freddy has white pin pricked irises just like all the other phantoms, Phantom Freddy also seems to be missing his right ear, and if you get a close enough look at Freddy you can see he has no right leg and instead its ripped off at the hip socket. Also Freddy still seems to have his top hat and is now always carrying his microphone. Since his hat does not fall off, it means the laws of gravity don't apply.


Phantom Freddy's sole purpose in the game is making you put the monitor up so Springtrap can get closer to you, as you will see Freddy will just be stumbling down the hall. If you don't put the monitor up till his cycle is over then he will duck down, possibly making players think he left the hall, and jumpscare you and this will cause a ventilation error. The only way to evade the jumpscare is to let Freddy go from the right of the screen all the way to the left. During that time, the player must be quick to switch monitors if needed, so it is recommended that the player increases mouse sensitivity in the players computer settings, or in the mobile version, do not wait for the animations of the folding monitors to fully end. In other words, rapidly tap in the direction you want to face after the monitor toggle button is pressed, and keep on tapping until the desired monitor is toggled, and then carry on with what you need to do. This tactic will give Freddy less time to begin his jumpscare, and less hassle of the need to reset the ventilation.

Movement PatternEdit

Phantom Freddy lacks a movement pattern but at random intervals will appear stumbling down your hallway until he ducks down and either jumpscare you or go away. He will appear walking down the hallway more and more often and get more aggressive as the nights go on.


  • Notice how Phantom Freddy's Jumpscare is way more like Toy Freddy's jumpscare from the second game than like Withered Freddy's jumpscare from the second game.
  • Phantom freddy technically can only be either regular Freddy or shadow Freddy or golden Freddy as you can have the hallucination that you will see a seemingly lifeless Freddy right next to you.
  • Notice how Phantom Freddy may still remeber his spirit from the first game as he likes to hide right before jump scaring you just like Freddy from the first game always did.
  • Phantom Freddy bares no resemblance to Withered Freddy.
  • But bares a better resemblance to Shadow, Golden, or Toy Freddy.
  • If one looks at the animation of Freddy walking by in the hallway, it appers that the waist down wasn't animated. This is most likely on purpose by Scott Cawthon because in game, Freddy's waist down can't really be seen so there was no need to animate the legs at all.