Phantom Chica is a phantom animatronic in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 3. She appears on an arcade screen in CAM 07, it will be a close up shot of her face as it is greyscaled. After the player puts the monitor down and turns to the left, Phantom Chica will jumpscare them.

Appearance Edit

Phantom Chica has a burnt appearance and is covered in burn marks, possibly foreshadowing the burning of attraction. Her yellow skin has been charred and turned a dark mix of green, yellow and black. Phantom Chica's animatronic teeth are not as big as they are on Chica in the second game. Phantom Chica also has pin pricked irises just like every other Phantom Animatronics. Phantom Chica seem to be either lacking her right arm or it is stuck behind her back. She seems to have a better resemblance to her first game character than her Toy or Withered forms.

Movement Pattern Edit

Phantom Chica lacks a movement pattern as at random intervals will appear in the arcade machine as a close up of her face in greyscale format. She will get more aggressive and appears more often as the nights progress.

Jumpscare Edit

Phantom Chica's jumpscare seems to be very different from her jumpscare from the first and second game, unlike everyone else. She appears on the left side of the office, and swerves her body towards the player with her mouth open. She has a normal animatronic scream.

Trivia Edit

  • Phantom Chica bears a strong resemblance to Chica from the first game.
  • Phantom Chica appears on only one spot on only one of the cameras.
  • Phantom Chica is one of two Phantom Animatronics who will jumpscare you if you look at them to long when looking at them on the monitor.
  • Phantom Chica has a possibility of appearing on a camera with Phantom Puppet or Phantom Mangle and then the two attacking at once.
  • If you look closely, Phantom Chica still has her endoskeleton teeth and her bib from the first game.

Errors Edit

  • Phantom Chica’s right shoulder clips through her body during her jumpscare.

Gallery Edit

Mangle Head
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