Mangle Head
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Party Room 2 is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Party Room 2 connects to the main hall and Right Air Vent and thus how animatronics get to the air vent. The room is filled with tables and party hats on them and also a big sign that says "Lets Party!" In addition, it also has the big vent opening right there.

Animatronics who go here

Mangle goes here appearing on the side of the screen. Withered Chica appears here in the middle of the screen with her hands raised up in the middle of the air as she is staring into the camera and blocking the light from reaching any of part of the room. Balloon Boy does not come here but still gets into the vent. Toy Bonnie appears in the back of the room where no one else appears.


  • This party room has the most animatronics to come into it, as the other rooms have 3 or 2.