Custom Night (also known as Night 7) is a night in Five Nights at Freddy's. It is unlocked after beating Nights 1-6. It allows you to change the A.I. levels of the animatronics.

20/20/20/20 ModeEdit

20/20/20/20 Mode (or 4/20 mode) is a challenge in Five Night's at Freddy's. On the 7th night, you set all the A.I. levels to 20 and then play. It's extremely hard because Freddy becomes more common, along with Foxy. However, Markiplier completed this mode in a YouTube video shown here, along with many other Youtubers. Upon completion, the player will be awarded with a third star on the main menu.

1/9/8/7 "Mode" Edit

Entering 1/9/8/7 as the A.I. levels for the animatronics will cause Golden Freddy to jumpscare the player and crash the game. Scott Cawthon added this as a joke after rumors emerged of a secret ending by entering 1/9/8/7.


  • Watch Pirate Cove. Foxy will become active.
  • Watch Freddy in the camera; he'll move a lot.
    • Every laugh from him means he moved; the laugh is followed by a running sound.
    • When he is in the Kitchen, his tune plays.
  • Close your doors as soon as you start, then check cameras, if the animatronics are not moving much, you can open them.
  • Freddy's laugh means he is moving spots. You'll probably hear this laugh a lot throughout the night.


  • Phone Guy doesn't call on this night. He doesn't call on Night 6 either.
  • Foxy, Bonnie and Chica move in this Night, no matter what A.I. level they are set at.

The Custom Night returns in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, this time slightly more advanced than in the first game. There are ten customizable animatronics, and different presets that reward the player if they complete them. The Puppet is not customizable in this mode, as it appearing is based on the player's actions.



This preset sets all of the old animatronics, excluding Golden Freddy, to 20. The reward upon completion is a third star on the main menu.

New & ShinyEdit

This preset has all of the new animatronics set to 10. Upon completion, the player receives a Toy Bonnie figurine on their desk.

Double TroubleEdit

This preset sets Toy Bonnie and Bonnie to 20, and Foxy on 5. The reward is a Bonnie plushie on the player's desk.

Foxy FoxyEdit

This preset sets Mangle and Withered Foxy on 20. The reward is a Foxy plushie on the players desk.

Cupcake ChallengeEdit

This preset sets all the Animatronics to 5. The reward is the cupcake now on the players desk.

Golden FreddyEdit

This preset sets every Animatronics to 20! The reward upon beating this mode is a Golden Freddy plushie on the players desk.

Night of MisfitsEdit

This preset sets Mangle and BB to 20, and Golden Freddy to 10. The reward is a figurine of BB.


  • Upon completion, the player receives a notice of termination, addressed to Fritz Smith.
  • BB's figurine that is received after beating the Night of Misfits mode has a red clown nose, despite the fact he is never seen in-game with it.


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