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Night 5 is the final night in Five Nights at Freddy's. All the animatronics difficulty levels are at max and Foxy comes out more often, it is the hardest night in the game besides Night 6 and 7.


Use the same strategy for every other night, but be alert for Freddy. He can sneak into your office and you can close the doors while he's in the office, so you won't even notice. Check on Pirate Cove, Foxy will be active on this night.


  • The phone call for Night 5 is just a robotic voice speaking and then a scream.

Check this link if you want to see it decoded... :

Night 5 is the fifth playable night of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. As well as being the final night of the main storyline. This is one of the hardest nights in the game, as every animatronic is incredibly active.

Night 5 is the final night in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, in this night Springtrap will make quick work to get to you office and all the Phantoms appear more.

Night 5 is the final night in the storyline of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, in this night all the animatronics are incredibley active, at 4AM Nightmare Fredbear will replace all animatronics and is the hardest animatronic in the game.


Night 5 is the fifth and final canon night of Sister Location. It has two endings, the Real Ending and the Fake Ending.

Real Ending

In the Real Ending you first go to the Parts and Service room which Circus Baby is in, she says something bad happened and that she needs to go to the scooping room, after putting in a code and pressing the green button Baby is off to the scooping room but can still talk to you through a chip, he tells you that Ballora is hunting you down but she manages to convince Ballora to move aside, after that you are in the scooping room and the animatronic abomination Ennard reveals itself, it says that the way it looks now it can’t leave the facility, but if she looked human than it could leave, it proceeds to scoop Michael Afton and take the place of his innards.

Fake Ending

In the Fake Ending the same thing happens, Baby is in the Parts and Service, sending her to the scooping room, but instead of entering the scooping room you head into the Private Room, after which HandUnit will say that you will be fired for, however Ennard has gotten in too and proceeds to hunt Michael down his only friends the doors and the quickly decreasing power, Michael must survive to 6AM, once 6AM has come Ennard will say "I will find a way out." before Michael goes home, however at the end of the show Ennard reveals itself to have escaped the facility on its own and has crawled to Michael's house.