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Night 2 is the second night in Five Nights at Freddy's. Either of the animatronics will move first, making there way down to the office. Foxy will begin to move quite a lot if watched too much or too little. Night two is unlocked by beating Night one and you will still get a phone call from Phone Guy. The animatronics will start moving at one o'clock.

Which animatronics move

- Freddy does not move

-Chica will appear 0-1 times this night.

-Bonnie will appear 1-2 times this night.

-Foxy will appear 0-2 times depending how much you pay attention to him.


  • In the most very rare chance you may ecounter Freddy to move this night around 5 A.M.
  • Foxy can move during this night if you do not pay attetnion to him at all.
  • This night is very easy if you play it right.



  • Nightmare Foxy first appears on this Night.