Lure.Encapulate.Fuse.Transport.Extract, or Lefty is the fourth salvagable animatronic from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Salvaging this animatronic will net the player a base profit of $5000. However, he can also be purchased from the Rare Finds Auction catalog for $5, with a high risk of 9.

Gameplay Edit

Lefty is one of the salvagable animatronics in the game, and appears on Thursday. If you decide to salvage him you must go through a series of events such as shocking him and documenting responses of the animatronic. If you fail this you will receive a jumpscare. The man on the tape recorder will play sounds that will make Left more aggressive and make him come closer. Shock him to neutralise him. After the fifth audio prompt, the salvage ends and you get $5000 for the salvage. However, the player also has the option of buying Lefty from Rare Finds Auction for $5 as soon as it becomes available and the player has a stage that can support heavy animatronics. However, doing so is a net loss for the player of $5005 in the long run as well as increasing the difficulty of the management portion of the game earlier. Placing this animatronic in the restaurant raises the entertainment value by 9 but also increases Risk by 9 as well.

Story Edit

As revealed in the Insanity Ending LEFTE blueprint, this Animatronic was designed to contain the Puppet and bring it to the Pizzeria as part of Henry's plan. At some point after Five Night's at Freddy's 3, he captured it and brought it to the back alley. The Puppet within it still wanted to protect any children from the other animatronics, and misguidedly attacked Michael Afton, due to still distrusting adults. Eventually it was burnt with the rest.

Appearance Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Lefty's only line in the game is a shushing sound.
  • Lefty resembles both Shadow Freddy and Nightmare, in terms of being a dark version of Freddy.
  • In Lefty's death screen, the Puppet's stripes can be seen. As well as this, a poster depicting the Puppet can be seen.
  • Lefty's blueprints include Navagtional Sensors, False Sensory Output, and Dream Wand/Soother.