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The Left Air Vent is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Balloon Boy, Toy Chica and Bonnie will go in these vents to get to the office. On very rare occasions, the Endoskeleton can be found in the vents. Once an animatronic passes through the vent, they will appear in the Left Vent blind spot in the office, where the player will have to put on a Freddy Mask to avoid them entering; however, Bonnie does not do this. The light however if shown will stun Bonnie in the vent and may take them a little while to attack. Also a easter egg animatronic can appear their name Endoskeleton will appear in the left air vent but will not attack but instead will block out any other animatronic who get in so this is kind of a perk.

Appearance Edit

Just like the Right Air Vent, the Left Air Vent looks just like a regular air vent ans to see the animatronics you must use the light that has been equiped to the vent.

Animatronics who go here Edit

Toy Chica can be seen in a sort of crouching position as she is on her knees in the vent, also she still does not have her eyes or beak. Withered Bonnie Will appear no arms sticking out just with his face sticking into the vent camera. Balloon Boy will appear with one arm sticking out as if he was army crawling through the vent to get to you.


It is very easy to use this to your advantage just shine the light to see the animatronic.


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