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Mangle Head
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Hallway is a location in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 4. There are Two Locations of Hallway Like the First game the Hallways are Listed Below.

Left Hall

Left hall is The Visible Location for Nightmare Bonnie and its Visible for Nightmare Fredbear to Appears Here The Left Hall Has Door that will Block The animatronic From Entering Your Bedroom. When you heard Breathing Sound Quickly Close that Door Some animatronic May be Outside and Near the Door Its also Visible for Nightmarionne to Enter in the Halloween Version

Right Hall

Right hall is the Visible Location for Nightmare Chica and Nightmare Fredbear,in the Halloween Version Nightmarionne Can Enter in the Right Hall The same as Left Hall it has Door that Will Disable the animatronic From Entering Your Bedroom.