Funtime_Freddy is a…new freddy animatronic. He only can jumpscare you on the second night.On night 2 you are in the breaker room and you have to play an audio to lure him away while trying to reconnect the power. On night 3 you do maintenance on him and try to hit his bonnie hand puppets button.

Funtime_Freddy has white plastic skin to replace his fur. His ears, stomach, joints, muzzle, and cheeks are all a magenta pink color. He has a small black top hat and bow tie, below that on his chest is a speaker and below that are two buttons. Funtime_Freddy has blue eyes which can be seen below Ennerd's ear. On 'Funtime_Freddy's right hand is a  Bonnie hand puppet called Bon-Bon, and in the other hand he holds a microphone.

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