Circus Baby, or Baby, is one of seven Animatronics in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals, and the main antagonist of Sister Location.



In the Minigame, Baby is depicted with blue eyes instead in green, and collecting an Ice Cream and laying it on the ground, after which Elizabeth Afton walks up to it, before a claw emerges from Baby's stomach, grabbing Elizabeth. This causes Baby to become possessed.


During Night 1, Michael Afton is instructed by HandUnit to shock Baby, although she never actually appears behind her window. Despite this, HandUnit congratulates Baby for getting back on her stage.

On Night 2, Baby's voice is heard for the first time. She starts to speak once HandUnit turns off the power, struggling to recognize Michael and wondering why he was there. Throughout the night, she instructs Mike to hide under the desk to avoid the Bidybabs and advises him on how to get past Ballora while crawling through Ballora Gallery.

During Night 3, if the player hides under the desk, Circus Baby tells Mike about her time on stage, and the incident involving her unintentionally killing Elizabeth, due to her programming.

On Night 4, she kidnaps Mike and hides him in a springlock suit. She also introduces the Scooping Room in this night, and gives Mike a lesson on "pretending". She then opens the faceplates so the technicians will then later rescue Mike.

On Night 5, Circus Baby appears in Parts/Service, where she is to be taken to the Scooping Room. Baby instructs Mike to remove a chip from her body so she may continue to speak to him. She then guides him through the Funtime Auditorium, helping them stay away from "Ballora" (a maskless Ennard) and into the Scooping Room. She then reveals that the animatronics' endoskeletons have fused to form Ennard, that they will use his body as a disguise. She then activates the Scooper, which disembowels Mike.

Fake Ending

In the Fake ending, Baby, as part of Ennard, tries to convince Michael to leave the Private Room.

Custom Night

After Michael's body rots, and Ennard ejects themselves from his corpse, Baby's voice can be heard telling Michael that he "won't die", at which point Michael stands up.

Source Code Teaser

In the lead up to FNaF 6 the websites ScottGames and FNaFWorld hosted a conversation. It eventually transpired that it was an argument within the hive mind of Ennard between Baby and the others. The others had grown tired of Baby as a leader, and eventually ejecting her from the rest of it's body. Baby insisted that they "would be lost without [her]" and she "could put [herself] back together". This would come in the form of Scrap Baby.

Ultimate Custom Night

Character Description: Circus Baby will appear once per night on right hallway, if she does than you must quickly collect 50 faztokens, after you have collected 50 faztokens you must buy Baby’s doll in the Prize Corner, failing or neglecting to do so will lead to Baby jumpscading you, the office door can’t stop her and you have less time to buy her doll the higher level she is put on, she won’t appear at all if you buy her doll before she appears.




Sister Location

Ultimate Custom Night

Scrap Baby appears in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. She is one of the main salvagable animatronic antagonists.


Source Code teaser

In the lead up to FNaF 6 the websites ScottGames and FNaFWorld hosted a conversation. It eventually transpired that it was an argument within the hive mind of Ennard between Baby and the others, with the other rebelling against Baby and eventually ejecting her from the rest of it's body. After this Baby vows to put herself back together.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

After being removed, Baby found a way to rebuild her body and eventually wound up in the Back Alley behind Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place trying to get inside. Baby is salvaged by Michael Afton on Wednesday, after which she hunts him in the vents to kill him.

During the Completion ending of the game, it is revealed that the girl who was killed by Circus Baby and possessed her was named Elizabeth. Scrap Baby speaks to Michael, gloating that she can kill more souls, and telling her father she can continue his work before she is interrupted by Henry, who reveals that the Pizzeria was built as a trap to lure her and the remaining haunted animatronics into the building. Her soul is laid to rest with the rest of the victims in the animatronics, Henry, her father and her brother as the Pizzeria burns during the ending.

Ultimate Custom Night

Character Description: Once per night, she will appear on the other side of your desk, slouched over and appearing to be decommissioned. There will be a shocking panel sitting next to her. You can shock her at any time by clicking on this button, but it will drain 1% of your power each time you do so, and it will have no effect until she is poised to attack. You must refrain from pushing the button until you notice that she has moved. Shocking her at this stage will cause her to leave your office and not return. If you fail to notice that she has moved and you bring up your monitor again, you'll have nothing but a jumpscare to look forward to.

Voice Lines


Scrap Baby's jumpscare sound


  • Scrap Baby was first teased in the final page of the Freddy Files, in an illustration.
  • Scrap Baby's origins were seen in the source code teasers, and a teaser showing her eyes.
  • It is implied that by this point, Elizabeth's personality has been damaged by the programming, as seen by her talking like a robot, to talking like a human in the same sentence. Henry even comments that she doesn't even remember her own name.




Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Ultimate Custom Night