Backstage is a room in Five Nights at Freddy's. It is the room that stores all of the animatronic masks/parts. There is a deactivated endoskeleton sitting on the end of a table, and on the shelf are masks to put on animatronics such as Chica,Bonnie or Freddy


Bonnie occasionally pops in and out of this room. He is the only animatronic that enters the room in the game. Bonnie usually appears in front of the door, but then gets up close to the camera, staring at the player. However, Mike Schmidt can be seen stuffed inside a Freddy Fazbear suit with his eyes and teeth poking out. This only happens during the Game Over screen, There is also an Endoskeleton Sitting in the Table.

During the game's popularity, a user photoshopped a picture of the backstage with a fake animatronic called Sparky the Dog. Sparky was later proved to be a hoax by the person that started the rumor.


  • A rare hallucination may occur where all the animatronic heads and suitless endoskeletons will be staring directly at the camera.
  • For unknown reasons,when bonnie appears in this room he doesn't stuff the endoskeleton inside a suit.